Upcoming exhibition - Gallerij Artisjok, opening 6th May in Lier

Camille Van de Velde, born in Belgium, studied at St-Lucas school of art in Antwerp after which she lived and continued her studies in Florence, Italy. There she met her mentors Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky also known as artist duo rosenclaire. With them she learned about different art forms and how they inform one anotherAlthough she mainly paints, this approach shaped her as a multi-disciplinary artist. She chooses to use the medium that puts her message across bestShe also engaged in fascinating theoretical studies in Art History and Critical Theory. 

The diversity of her work is brought together by an underlying 'red thread' which looks at duality. Finding where seemingly opposite dynamics merge is her underlying narrative. When both reconcile, a third space opens up, where a different dialogue can give shape to other thinking paradigms that may lie beyond duality. 

Camille has exhibited nationally and internationally

Shows:- Seescapes, Berlin, DE, '03 -- Res Ars, open studio, Brussels, BE '05 -- Royal College of Art, ArtAid, London, UK, '05 -- Brick Lane Gallery,  Peace Camp, London, UK '06 --  Chemeketa Art Gallery, Salem, Oregon, USA, '07 --  MC Gallery, Transformation, NY, USA, '17 --  Old Biscuit Factory, Chapter 1, London, UK '18 -- Oude Pastorij, On Track, Antwerp, BE, '18 --  Old Biscuit Factory, Dreams, London, UK '19 --    Garage Meeusen, Resonantie, Antwerp, BE, '19 -- Ruimte 34, Duo Show, Antwerp, BE ' 20 (Covid-cancelled), 6-10th June '21 - Conscience20, Antwerp -- A4 Action/Ukraine, online Art Donation, '22, Upcoming: Gallery Artisjok, Lier, opening 6th of May, Lier